Goodair installed our system 2 years ago, and have since been regularly assisting in the maintenance. Their team of servicemen are professional and friendly, and had been great help to us on multiple occasions. Thank you for the continual support!

Mr Lee Kuang Hui,

We would like to extend our appreciation to Shawn and his group of guys for their responsiveness, being accommodative to our requests, as well as meeting our tight project timeline. Their pricing is competitive but they do not shortchange on quality. Good job guys, and many Thanks

Bold Enterprise Pte Ltd,

The team at Goodair are proficient and have provided great customer care – pre sales as well as post sales. Highly recommended for installation, repair as well as maintenance services.

Mr Gerald Ling,

Goodair not only possess the technical capabilities to fix our problems, they provided us with useful tips on how we can better maintain our air-con and hinder the process of wear and tear. Thank you!

Ms Looi,

Goodair’s thoroughness in their maintenance, coupled with their professional advice , allowed us to extend the lifespan of our air con whilst ensuring the quality of the performance. This allows us to enjoy greater savings, and better quality assurance

Cypress One Recruitment Pte Ltd,

Their friendly, helpful and proficiency is something that ensures my continual recommendation for Goodair! Keep up the good work guys, Thanks!

Mr Bernard Tan,

Goodair never lets us down whenever their service is requested for urgently. With their team of servicemen and their technical expertise as well as their “No-nonsense” commitment, they have rendered great assistance to our projects. Strongly recommended.

Ms Nicole Lau,