We provide a wide variety of air conditioning units, suitable for both residential and commercial environments. We supply a range of air con systems and a selection of units, including wall mounted units and ceiling cassette systems.


To ensure you air conditioning system to work efficiently and quietly, we recommend general servicing to be done regularly. Our general servicing includes cleaning of indoor fan-coil and outdoor condenser as well as drainage pipe vacuum.


We start this service by troubleshooting the fault in the AC unit, then prepare a services report and recommend repair actions with the costs of repair for air conditioner breakdown to the customer. It also help to evaluate the condition of the equipment and advise on the on the most economical solution


General Servicing

Frequent usage of the air conditioning system as well as the environmental factors result in air conditioners turning dirty and dusty.

To achieve better air conditioning performance, periodical maintenance by a qualified service technician is recommended, apart from regular cleaning by the user.

This will not only improve your system performance, but will also prolong the life span of your air-conditioner.

 Scope of work for General Servicing:

  • Check air conditioner's operating condition
  • Dismantle cover, air filter, drain pan and fan rotor, and wash with water
  • Clear drainage pipe thoroughly
  • Wipe dry entire air conditioner component
  • Assemble air conditioner components back to original positions
  • Check the operating condition and temperature

Scope of Work for Chemical Overhaul

  • Check the air conditioner's operating condition
  • Dismantle cover, air filter, drain pan and fan rotor to wash with water
  • Remove the coil, drain it with water, then flush it with chemical solution to clear off stubborn stains.
  • Wash the coil using water until no bubbles surface
  • Clear the drainage pipe thoroughly
  • Dry the entire component with cloth
  • Assemble it back to its original position
  • Vacuum system for about 30 minutes
  • Check the operating condition and temperature


KEYSTONE Flexible Wire

Application    : General purpose indoor and outdoor
Voltage rating : 250/440V
Construction   : Flexible plain annealed copper conductor, PVC insulated, PVC sheathed cable
Core colours   : 3-Core : (Green/Yellow, Blue & Brown)
Specification  : BS2004 /
Outdoor        : 3 Core 70
Indoor         : 3 Core 40

ARMAFLEX Insulation

Class 1 Armaflex is a CFC & HCFC free (ozone depletion potential of zero), flexible, black, closed cell, elastomeric nitrile rubber insulation providing a highly efficient method of controlling condensation and insulating against both heat loss and heat again. Below are some of the featue of Class 1 Armaflex :

  • Fire Performance
  • Water Vapour Resistance Factor
  • Engineered Wall Thickness
  • Ease of Installation

DNE uPVC Trunking

Casing that used to hide the insulation and copper pipes and water pipes that connect your compressor to your air-con unit.

Material    : uPVC
Colour      : White
Standard  : SS275 / 1999
PSB Test report : 55S051343

DNE Copper Pipe

Manufactured under stringent quality control for the air-conditioning and heating application.

Material   : Copper 99.90%
Standard : ASTM : B88

UNIPLAS uPVC Drainage Pipe

SINGA uPVC Pipes offer the following feature that make them versatile in their field of applications:

  • Increased Hydraulic Capcity
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Performance Efficiency

Material : uPVC
Size     : 16mm
Standard : JIS6741:1984